VIELIKAN Are ‘Back To The Black Marsh’

As a sovereign strength, the condensate of civilization which crossed Carthaginian moors for centuries built up itself in a dark legacy.
VIELIKAN stand ontologically in a structure that evolves out of our time. Its genesis lies in a fusion uniting an another world, out of our universe, out of our perception, inside The Black Marsh.
VIELIKAN are defined by a dark and oppressing sound conveying its empirical aspect.
Beyond sensitive dimension, this alarming death metal merges, in a progressive and occult continuity with the Slavic folklore.
The lyrics glitter with the deep soul and the essence of VIELIKAN; they excite the disturbing symbolism of The Black Marsh.

The new album, ‘BACK TO THE BLACK MARSH’ has been published as a digital release on March the 22nd.
The old Russian atmosphere and overall Slavic folklore are constantly present with melancholic melodies associated with eastern gypsy valse rhythmics as a main sound identity, dressing the rageful extreme metal aspect of VIELIKAN.
Like the past releases, the music combines atmospheric textures, dissonant layers with all facets of the extreme metal, from death metal, black metal and doom metal having strong influences from bands like Esoteric, Opeth, Drudkh, Gojira, Mgla and Primordial.
The lyrical main theme is a metaphoric vision of depression, betrayal, love and grief.

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