Vielikan – Back to the Black Marsh

Vielikan with “Back to the Black Marsh” is here to prove that imagination and Extreme Metal are perfect matches and have no boundaries. Vielikan also prove that to have a musical carnage it’s not mandatory to use lots of guitar distortions, it’s needed only to maintain gutural, or harsh vocals, and, of course, the spirit of Extreme. I mean, dare, push boundariers, shock, test the limits until there are no limits. “Back to the Black Marsh” does that perfectly.

Well, to begin with we have “Ethereal Travel” a song that resumes everything Vielikan have to show us. Mesmerizing prominent full-chorded clean guitar riffs interwoven by a full of despair and anguish vocal. “Ethereal Travel” has ten minutes of the most pure ethereal nightmare in the form of music. It’s the living proof that sometimes to be heavy is not needed – of course, not all the time because we’re talking about Metal here. But the outcome from “Ethereal Travel” is the best possible. Vielikan dare to be bold enough to break some Metal traditions and play some good music. From then on, “Back to the Black Marsh” gets heavier without loosing Vielikan best feature which is to be the musical version of your longest and scariest nightmare.

In the middle of everything, fear, desolation, and anguish are constant themes into Vielikan’s lyrics as well as in their moods in songs. Tracks as “God(s), Love and Life” pave the way to one of the most despairated and helpless songs I’ve ever listened to. It’s impossibile not to be touched by the feeelings it intentionaly passes through its instrumental and vocals. It’s interesting to note that “Back to the Black Marsh” goes in an emotional crescendo as long as the songs are getting heavier reaching the peak in “The Final Confrontation with the Soul Harvester in the heart of the Black Marsh” which is as long as its title and as oppressing as it can be with its more than thirty minutes of a musical nightmare. Vocalist Fedor Kovalevsk ardor and ability to turn into eerie vocals the emotions he desires to pass on is a highlight to all the album.

“Back to the Black Marsh” is an album that pays off!

Vielikan “Back to the Black Marsh” was released on March 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Ethereal Travel
  2. Seeded Alteration of Consciousness
  3. Mysticism, Thaumaturgy and Ephemiris
  4. God(s), Love and Life
  5. Another Speech for Those Whose Faces Are Erased
  6. The Final Confrontation with the Soul Harvester in the heart of the Black Marsh
  7. I am the Black Ocean
  8. Voskresenie (Bonus)
  9. The One of Many (Bonus)
  10. Everlasting Smile (Bonus)

Watch “God(s), Love and Life” official audio video here: