VIKRAM And HAMEN Vocalists Cover AVANTASIA’s Track ‘Lucifer’

The vocalists of the brazilian bands VIKRAM and HAMEN, Guilherme de Siervi and Monica Possel, have released a cover of the song “Lucifer”, by AVANTASIA. In the performance recorded at a distance, the artists show their vocal techniques and how far the power of their voice goes. Check out the music video below.

Creator of the collaboration, HAMEN will be the opening band for VIKRAM‘s tour of the south of the country. Through this partnership, the musicians anticipate what the public may know in the live performance. The original song features the voice of Jørn Lande, a great reference for Monica Possel‘s vocal studies, which explains more about the cover:

“This song has the participation of one of the vocalists that inspires me the most today, which is Jørn Lande. Anyone who follows me has heard me talking in several interviews that I am a big fan of his vocal. It is one of my great references. I chose it because it is very challenging for me. For some years now, I have been studying the technique of belting, drives and gutturals, which I can demonstrate even more in this song. This song has a very incredible melody, I fell in love with it the first time I heard it, in 2016, when it was released on the album Ghostlights”.

Vocalist Monica Possel is a soprano singer with over 10 years of experience. Frontwoman and main lyricist of the band HAMEN, of symphonic power metal, brings in his résumé the performance as a soprano in the Chamber Choir of the Conservatory Villa-Lobos, of the House of Culture of Joinville. In the year 2020, the singer was awarded the Best Operatic Vocals award ”(Best Free Vocal Performance, in free translation), by the European website FemMetal. On this occasion the artist was the only Latin American nominee, defeating female voices from Europe and North America, such as Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish).

With an eight-year career, Hamen brings in his discography the EP Altar (2015) and the debut album, Unreflected Mirror (2018), which featured a special participation by Marcelo Barbosa (Angra). Since then, the band participated in international collections and online festivals during the pandemic, becoming one of the representatives of Brazilian symphonic power metal. Led by Monica Possel (voice), the group also has Cadu Puccini (guitar).

Formed in 2012, VIKRAM brings in its discography the album Behind the Mask, which is a multimedia project that also includes books, songbooks and an RPG game. With the influence of Eastern and Mediterranean music, the songs talk about themes related to Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic, Indian and Spanish culture. The band includes musicians Guilherme de Siervi (voice), Tiago Della Vega (guitar), G. Morazza (bass) and Marcus Dotta (drums).