Virtual Reality slots: Gaming or Gambling

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If you’re a slot fan and play regularly you might have come across virtual reality slots and heard about how amazing they are. Slots at have come a long way from their humble beginnings and many players still love to play classic slots in land-based casinos or retro style slots online.

What is a Virtual Reality Slot? 

Virtual reality slot games are a whole new way of gambling and the slots provide the best 3D gaming experience which is more akin to the experience you would get in a land-based casino, all without even stepping foot out of the house!

The technology was first developed in 2015 and it’s come a long way in just five years as developers have been working hard to create these experiences and make them as realistic as possible. To play a virtual reality slot game you will need to invest in a virtual reality headset and wear the headset throughout the game so that you can feel completely immersed in the virtual casino and game. In the game you will be able to walk around the virtual casino floor which you will be able to see in striking quality and walk around to approach different slot games and choose which slot to play on, surrounded by other virtual players like you walking around the virtual casino!

This all sounds very futuristic and fascinating and while it might be tempting to play it say and stick to the traditional slot games, trying something new can pay off. But are virtual reality slots worth investing your time in and can they make you real money, or are they more for gamers who want to play casino games but without the risk? Let’s dig a little deeper into the virtual reality realm and find out more!

A recent study has shown that virtual reality games can be good for your health as it encourages you to move more during play that you necessarily would if you were just sitting still, so the extra movement could pay off for your overall health, but what about your bankroll health?

A lot of players are happy with the standard of the slots already widespread and readily available on the market, believing the online gambling market has already reached its peak with video slot games and their astonishingly high level of graphics. The visual quality of 3D slots is amazing, with some slot games you even feel like you’re at a live concert or in a cinema watching the latest blockbuster! It’s obvious that graphics and technologies have come a long way since the classic slot was first introduced to players online, but the technology is always moving forward. With many 3D slot games already being a very immersive experience for players, will virtual reality slots really become the future of online slots?  

What’s so great about virtual reality slots? 

For players who are looking for the next big thing in online slot games can try out virtual reality slot games who are the new kid on the block, providing players with an innovative online gaming experience that has got many players extremely excited. Developers of these game claim that virtual reality slots could be just the thing for players who love the social aspect of playing slots in a land-based casino but also want to take advantage of the convenience of playing slots online. With virtual reality slots, you can feel like you are walking around a real-life casino and even see and interact with other players who will also be exploring the casino floor and playing different slot games – and all from the comfort of your own home! This elevated and exciting experience could be just what the gaming industry needs to make playing slots more sociable for players who feel they are missing out on this aspect when they play online slot games. 

Another reason why players will love virtual reality slots is for the same reason why 3D video slots quickly became very popular with players – because they offer a unique and immersive experience that takes the narrative of the game that extra step further, making it more real and more entertaining than it was before. Developers are wasting no time and have already released some of players’ favourite slot games as virtual reality slots for players to enjoy and it’s without a doubt that as the technology develops more and more games will become available to play.

Can you bet and win real money?

Currently, some of these virtual reality slots cannot be played for real money so the games will be played in a free play mode. This is one of the main reasons that some people claim that virtual reality slots don’t get belong in the casino as you cannot place a bet. However, there are still a few virtual reality slots that allow you to bet and win real money although they are not yet widely available as the slot technology is still in its infancy. One of the first real money virtual reality games was released in 2017 and the first developer to release this game was none other than industry giant and market leader Pragmatic Play. Since then, several other well-known and respected developers followed suit including developer NetEnt who first released a real-money virtual reality slot in 2018. The virtual reality slots are constantly being developed, ironing out any problems and making tweaks to perfect the games so they can give players the best experience possible and no doubt more virtual reality games will be just around the corner offering players the chance to win real money in the virtual casinos. The casino and the slots may be virtual but the winnings are very real for some lucky players!

While the developers are tinkering away to get these virtual reality slots perfected, however, players can still play the free play games and enjoy the fun gaming aspect of the virtual reality slots and practice their game and get used to the new features!