Virtual Symmetry – X-Gate

It’s so nice to have the chance to review two albums of Virtual Symmetry in a role: “Message From Eternity” and its following “X-Gate. Singer Marco Pastorino is singing even better. He was able to sing as raspy as naturally italians singers do. A very mature and more resourceful singer. Is that all? Of course not.

Let’s take the opening track, “Eyes Of Salvation,” to get a glimpse of Virtual Symmetry feature us. The duet guitar-piano in the beginning is grand. “Eyes Of Salvation” opening is majestic, a supreme sample of prog metal. Virtual Symmetry was able to keep the same plentiful qualities of “Message From Eternity” and for that I mean they are playing even better. The synchrony between the guitar and the bass in “Alchymera” is outstanding. Many hours of practice, I guess.

“X-Gate” is a four tracked album. Two of them are about 10 minutes long, and they are the most progressive ones: “Alchymera” and “Elevate.” On the other hand, the shorter are the heavier, the most straight ahead: the opening track, “Eyes Of Salvation,” and “Snippet.” “X-Gate” features a perfect blend between aggression and kindness, heavyness and melody, so a everything Metal is all about. And there goes “X-Gate,” sometimes more prog than heavy, sometimes more heavy than prog, but always daring and satisfying. If I were to choose a word to Virtual Symmetry’s music, I’d pick complex. And maybe “Alchymera” is the song that represents it better with all its complexity and diversity.

One interesting fact about “X-Gate” is that it gets very near to Styx’s conception of future, that is, full of machines and gears and things. But Virtual Symmetry’s future is not such an apocalyptic one, there are some romance and hope in it. I guess they are a bit more optimistic than I am, though. Also the lyrics in here are above average, theming scy-fy and philosofical among others.

Track Listing:

  1. Eyes Of Salvation
  2. Alchymera
  3. Elevate
  4. Snippet

Watch here what is considered the longest video in prog history!