Vixen – Made in Hawaii

This world of Metal has a lot of coincidences. This effort we are covering here is juts one of them. Though outstanding, it’s not the first and it won’t be the last. Musicwise, this Vixen here has much more to do with Bitch, another 1980s band frontlined by a female vocalist, than with the famous Vixen, this one in all-female band from the early 1990s, itself. Kim La Chance’s tone voice is very near Betsy’s and the band sounds near. But there is an outstanding difference and his name is Marty Friedman. Vixen would soon be apart from her talent and forced to change the name to Aloha, then to Hawaii, and the rest is history.

I was talking about my own clichés on writing reviews and I’m about to write one more: I just love female vocalists. Okay, that put we can go on. Kim La Chance’s – read about her here -, voice is fantastic. She has a terrific pitch tha would envy many of her peers and a clean voice mixed with some classic singing that really kills. “Made in Hawaii” is a 1980’s classic act featuring in 1981 those high-velocity drumming that later would become Speed Metal with the track “Living in Sin” with her classical singing act which gives a tremendous raise to the song. So sorry the band didn’t get a better fate, but this is the way life is. Kim La Chance and Friedman could have made history if they stayed together. The guitar motiffs in “Escape the Night” are embellished by her tunes. Just great. You see, melodic doesn’t have to mean boring or cheesy. Vixen are a living proof of that.

It wouldn’t be fair enough to Vixen to say only about vocals, instrumentals are also a highlight in their effort. That’s what we notice by instrumental tracks as “Young and the Reckless” “Give It All You Got” which are fantastically performed. Fair enough there is also a killer cover of “Rising of the Rising Sun” the most Metal blues of all. Marty killed it in every note he played.

Vixen “Made in Hawaii” was released in November 30th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Young and the Reckless
  2. Living in Sin
  3. Escape the Night
  4. Rocking Me hard
  5. Beg for Mercy
  6. Give It All You Got
  7. Angels from the Dust (U.S. Metal version)
  8. House of the Rising Sun (Demo)
  9. Secret of the Stars
  10. Lady Savage
  11. Living in Sin (Demo)
  12. Angels from the Dust (Demo)

Watch “Escape the Night” video here: