Vojd – Behind The Frame

Two songs in an EP is not enough tracks to make a fair evaluation of any band. But, of course, we can always give the reader an idea of what the band is made of. That’s the case of Vojd “Behind The Frame.” From the only samples I had in my hands I can tell you that if you like the classic – and great – Def Leppard, you’re gonna love Vojd “Behind The Frame.” I mean if your favorite albums of the Leppard are the first trio “On Through The Night,” “High’n’Dry,” and “Pyromania,” be my guest to listen to this EP. It’s gonna be of such fun.

Singer – and bassist – Joseph Tholl has a tone of voice very near to Joe Elliot’s. The instrumental, though, isn’t that near. It misses the guitar duos that the Leppard used to do. But, not that far. The first track “Behind The Frame” shows a very consistent band. Vojd are a mature band which know exactly what to do. It’s a very good sample what’s going on – we hope so. I say that because in general bands release EP to try the fan reception. Second track, “Funeral Empire” doesn’t remind that much Def Lepard. It’s faster and more cadenced than “Behind The Frame.” Its frenetic rhythm is the real deal. It’s a song that make you bang your head hard. The twin guitars are sharper in the last convention phrase which gives “Funeral Empire” the NWOBHM taste.

As I said before, two tracks are too little to give an exact idea of Vojd, but as I’ve been hearing around, some people are trying to leave behind metal’s tradition of albums in order to release few songs as pop people do. If so, we’ll miss a lot, because the album tradition is one of the soul of Heavy Metal. Though, I don’t think that’s the case Vojd and “Behind The Frame.”

Track Listing:

  1. Behind The Frame
  2. Funeral Empire

Vojd and “Behind The Frame” will be on through the night on December 8th via High Roller Records.