Vojd – The Outer Ocean

Last November, we received Vojd’s “Behind The Frame” EP to review. There were only two songs in it, but we could notice that Vojd’s work was solid. Now, we are receiving the full length “The Outer Ocean.” By any unknown reasons, none of the two songs in the “Behind The Frame” are here.

Obviously, “The Outer Ocean” is pretty diverse from “Behind The Frame” not only in the track number, but also in terms of music. Vojd are a band that recreates with lots of success the early 1980 HM sound. And as I said before, with a great taste of Def Lepard. That is because of singer Joseph Tholl’s voice that reminds a lot Joe Elliott’s. It does not happen all the time in this “The Outer Ocean.” Vojd managed things out to sound pretty much personal. Songs still do sound eightish, but who cares. We still love the 1980s HM bands. In my point of view, Vojd went far beyond in their intent. I say that because they did what no one does these days, which is recording a bluesy song like “Dream Machine” with a harmonica, piano, and all. Great song! We all miss that blues feeling that got lost along the years.

The two first tracks, “Break Out” and “Desilusions in the Sky” bring another unexpected musical reference which is the Thin Lizzy emotional vocals. A great tribute to an unsung, and almost forgot, band. Phil Lynnot and the guys sure deserve this kind of tribute. It is remarkable that Vojd bring back all those sonic references.

Bottomline, if you are a nostalgic from the good old songs from the past, but like it modernly done, Vojd are your band. Music made with heart, passion and soul. Vojd are really the deal for you. If you are the one who likes only modern stuff, listen to Vojd to get to know how things were amazingly done.

Track Listing:

  1. Break Out
  2. Delusions In The Sky
  3. Secular Wire
  4. The Outer Ocean
  5. Vindicated Blues
  6. On An Endless Day Of Everlasting Winter
  7. Heavy Skies
  8. On The Run
  9. Dream Machine
  10. Walked Me Under
  11. To The Light

Vojd’s “The Outer Ocean” will hit the streets on February 23rd via High Roller Records.

Watch “Heavy Skies” official video here: