Volcanova – Radical Waves

Has my dear fan ever considered how influential some bands are? Have you ever given a thought on the legacies that bands as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Venom or Metallica left to the world of metal music?

Those are only rethorical questions. It’s not my intention to make the fan get crazy or go bananas or simple fry their brains in order to give me an answer. Just a little bit of thought.

I support the idea that today’s metal music  is what it is due to the bands of the past. There would be no Megadeth without Metallica and their histpry together. There would be no Black Metal whatsoever without Venom and their alleged pranks or fakes whatever you may think abouth them. And the list goes on and on. Past and present walk hand by hand in a way sometimes it is impossible to distinguish none from the other.

Yeah, all this came to me while listening to Volcanova debut album “Radical Waves” and, to be absolutely frank, while reading some papers. The thing is that “Radical Waves” may sound a bit tributive album to the unadvised fan, but it is much more than that. It’s the continuation of a musical tradition that left its legacies and can’t be left behind. The power of the chordly guitar riffing full of a fuzz distortion can’t be exatly described. The music in the album is heavy, heavy to the ultimate meaning of the word. The kind of music parents used to simply call noise. Some still do.

It would be easy to say that Volcanova play Doom Metal after hearing to opening , and sugestive named, track “Welcome.” But, no, my dear fan, I do have to go further in my analysis. Though first track takes us to a confortable and known place, the following tracks make our lives a little more difficult. To my personal taste “Where’s The Time” says a lot. In fact, the album take a unexpected road to a diversity that the fan may not be albe to guess it exists inside the sabbatish world.

My advice?

Listen to all the album. It pays off. Of course, if you like the doomish influences into heavy rock music. By the way, it’s ironic how the band tried to emulate the 1970s spirit in the songs titles trying to capture the essence of the times. One more to Volcanova.

Volcanova “Radical Waves” was released on August 21st via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome
  2. Where’s the Time?
  3. Super Duper Van
  4. I’m Off
  5. Stoneman Snowman
  6. Sushi Sam
  7. Mountain
  8. M.O.O.D.
  9. Got Game
  10. Lights

Watch “Sushi Man” official music video: