VOLDT Commit ‘Vandalism’

When both battle-vest donning traditionalists and sleek metal hipsters are weeping tears of joy, VOLDT may well be involved. On their latest full-length offering “Vandalism” the three German pacesetters gloriously careen between spectacle and a blow to the the neck. For about 42 minutes we’re being chased through the woods by a more or less likable lunatic with a whip. At a riff-gallop we’re tearing through the underbrush. A storm of drums hails down on us. Thunderous bass rattles the ground, while the bristly guitar hits us like gnarly branches. But behold! Behind all this rough terrain, the stormy weather is clearing and between dark clouds a ray of gold shines upon us and refracts a rainbow of sugary melody goodness. Donnerwetter – heavy metal has risen from the grave! And it’s more alive than ever.

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