Voldt – Voken

There are bands that are great, and full of pleasure, surprises. I guess that the strangest and the most out the box the band is, the easier for me to write a review. Of course, I don’t mean too out of the box that the band scapes from the Metal world. Not really that. What Voldt propose is not really that new, or yet, something that has never been tried. In fact, it is something bands are doing a lot which is mixing diverse features of metal in order to buyild an identity and that’s where Voldt reach their success. Voldt are a band with lots of identity, lots of passion and love for the music.

“Voken” is a hodgepodge of Metal features from all times. There are echoes from the seventies, from the eighties, and especially from the nineties and the millennia. And the best thing of it is that “Voken” doesn’t a lack a bit of energy and aggression as their experimental peers do especially when they add too new Metal into their formulas. Voldt were able to melt them with rare ability. Tracks as “End of Times” show it better than a thousand written words. The mix of the seventies art rock and its melody with modern Metal and its aggression is remarkable. Voldt really know how to walk in thin ice. Sure they do.

The beginning of “Voken” with “To Forge Ahead” surprises not only because of the uncanny, but also because of the unexpected. As I told before, the name of the band tells a lot to me. Even though, sometimes the experienced is surprised because I was expecting anything else than Voldt offer. A track as “Conqueress” also adds a lot to the experience due to its melodius Modern Thrash  Metal mix. It does surprise. The following “Graceful Fury” does give the name a good use. It is instrumentally bold and full of vocal contrasts. The end of it does a pretty good figure due to the fingered and graceful guitars and melodious vocals. “Voken” is indeed a bold album, I have no fear of stating that. An album to remember and tell your friends about it.

Voldt “Voken” was released on May 10th.

Track Listing:

  1. To Forge Ahead
  2. A Tractate of Doom
  3. End of Times
  4. Conqueress
  5. Graceful Fury
  6. Black

Watch “End of Times” official video here: