Volturian – Crimson

At first, “Crimson” scares the headbanger due to its – so very sorry for the word – dance music features in opening track “Crimson Dust.” And when I say scare I mean scare to death because I almost gave in reviewing the album. The fan knows that I do like edgy albums, but this was too much even for me. However, as I hold on to my philosophy I gave the band a second chance and went to the second track “New Life,” No pums intended but it was a real new life to Volturian and “Crimson.” Really. The band decided to easy in the dance music – so very sorry again for the bad word – and added more Metal in it. And you know what? The outcome was pretty good.

The track that really got me was the Blondieish – hum, is that right? – “The Killing Joke.” For the ones that don’t know I refer to Blondie, the New Wave band led by the astonishing, and great vocalist, Debbie Harry. I confess that Blondie were one of the bands that first made my mind when I was a beginner in the world of music. The way Federica Lana’s voice and the drumming get so near Blondie here impresses. Also, it’s a fact that many metalheads respect them or used to respect, I really don’t know, but, anyway, check them out. So, back to Volturian “Crimson,” shall we? The highlight of the album is the charming voice of Federica Lanna which gives an enchanting tone to the album. In some moments there is a mix of three voices as in the aforementioned “New Life” and other tracks. I guess the biggest challenge to Volturian must have been how to dose equally their influences and intents. It is no secret that 99,9% of metallers hate any kind of techno music – so sorry again for the bad word. The irony is that when it comes to melding them into a heavier music the opinions change. Well, mine changes too as the fan can notice.

To be perfectly fair, I couldn’t help it to mention that the charming voice of Federica Lanna hides the good instrumentals that are in the background. The band works in a unison with some tracks with more keyboards than the others as in “Broken.” The same happens to the aforementioned – I can’t write those words again. Please, forgive me – influences that are stronger in some tracksas in the following and aforementioned “The Killing Joke.” To be fair again, the outcome may surprise the fan that appreciates this kind of music and blend.

Volturian “Crimson” will be released on April 24th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Crimson Dust
  2. New Life
  3. Haunting Symphony
  4. Broken
  5. The Killing Joke
  6. In a Heartbeat
  7. Between the Sleepers
  8. Days Before You Died
  9. Forevermore
  10. Fading Like a Flower

Watch “Broken” official music video here: