Vordr – Vordr

It’s really funny when bands respond to our expectations when you see their CD cover and name. The most important to create the expectation was, to be frank, the first seconds of the first track. Well, as I said before, the guys from record companies knew that. That’s the reason first tracks are generally the coolest and greatest of any album, or, at least, the one which drives the most attention. It was a strategy. Each track would be carefully put into the album in an order to attrack the attention to all the album. The CD culture changed that a little because there was no more two sides to put songs, there would be only one for good. So the strategy had to be rethought. As we all know, with the fallen sales of CDs and the rise of the download ands streaming, the CD culture has been a little frozen, but not in Metal. Metal still carries on the tradition of the album culture.

Ok, then, now it’s the time for Vordr and their self-titled album.

Vordr carry on Black Metal traditions seriously. There are fifteen short tracks in “Vordr” which are the sole remains of the so-called first wave of Black Metal with some of the second. As any Black Metal band from the fist wave of Black Metal, Vordr are viceral and raw. At times nasty and direct. From the second wave of Black Metal, Vordr added the sonic effects and noise, a lot of noise plus a frantic and desperate vocal. If I may, or if that exists, instrumentals are also frantic and desperate. Frantic they really can be, but desperate, I really doubt that. But believe me, they are indeed. Tracks simply go on and on carrying on this feeling of desperation and hopelessly. “Soulbirds,” for instance, is the one which has some tempo breaks, but it goes around its two minutes and half with such a frenzy that it is hard to tell. Remember when I told Black Metal owes a lot to Hardcore. Here is Vordr to prove me right. But make no mistake, at the first seconds of “Erianoisiv” you feel it is a Black metal band. Undoubtedly.

Vordr “Vordr” was released on August 21st via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Erianoisiv
  2. Beast of the Woods
  3. Forever Bound
  4. Blissfully Possessed
  5. Goretusk
  6. Candle in the Astral Wind
  7. Rebirth
  8. Chained in Recollections of a Life That Once Was
  9. Shaman
  10. Dreamer’s Loot
  11. Soulbird
  12. Driftwood
  13. The Forest King
  14. Enchanting Fires of Pain
  15. Visionaire

Watch “Goretusk” lyric video here: