Vorga – Striving Toward Oblivion Review

My dear fan that reads my reviews knows that I and Extreme Metal, most notably Black Metal, have a history. Even though we are contemporaries I didn’t have an easy start with Black Metal bands. Little by little I started to respect two bands: Venom and Slayer. The energy of their music attracted me so much. From where I’m standing Venom is the pioneer of Black Metal. To be more specific, the band belongs to the first wave of Black metal bands. That was my first contact with Extreme Metal music. Until then Extreme Metal was a loud and poorluy performed music that had very little to offer me. However, as years went by, to be more precise by the end of the 1990s I got interested in the flamming and burning scene that was being gestated. And other bands were added to my list of preferred bands. The final touvh to turn me totally in Extreme Metal was to start reviewing albums here. By that time in 2016, I had my mind open to all kinds of Metal music.

Very recently I started to read Dayal Patterson’s book “Black Metal. Evolution of the Cult,” a book that changed again the way I used to see Black Metal – by the way, I very highly recommen this book to you my child of the night. Reading it made me understand this very particular scene inside Metal. I say that because black metaller from the beginning kind of put themselves aside Metal comunity. They liked to see themselves as the pariahs of the pariahs. Well, this book really touched me and changed completely what I used to think about it Black Metal.

Ok, then, that all said let’s go to today’s subject of this review Vorga with “Striving Toward Oblivion” a band that defends the hordes and colors of what we call today Modern Black Metal. I guess the blackest fan of Black Metal won’t like it as the band does some concessions in their music and attitude. Not that I care I have to say. Nothing that will make me sleepless. However, I have to agree that Vorga explore and go to very similar paths that Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, and Cradle of Filthy took years ago. Not without lots of controversy, of course. Well, to me, as a fan of Metal Vorga please a lot. I’ll make a comparison that many may not like but I’m sure my fan will understand better Vorga’s music here in “Striving Toward Oblivion.” I’ll compare it musicwise with Melodic Death Metal because the instrumentals are much more near Heavy Metal than to Black Metal. The production is clear and clean. There are intricate and moody passages that highlight the contrast with the shreaking vocals. That one yes follows the rules. “Striving Toward Oblivion” is heavy as hell – no pun intended. Its music is strong. To me the kind of Extreme Metal music that I appreciate. The album also showcases a dark and gloomy poetry with “Starless Sky.” Black poetry, if you know what I’m saying. And I guess my fan will appreciate it too. Ah, before I forget, I remind that draw of the CD cover from somewhere…

Vorga “Striving Toward Oblivion” was released on February 04th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Starless Sky
  2. Comet
  3. Disgust
  4. Stars My Destination
  5. Last Transmission
  6. Fool’s Paradise
  7. Taken
  8. Death Manifesting

Watch “Starless Sky” official video here:

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