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Metal Addicts Album of the year 2021 vote

When we all ventured into the year of 2021, we all had many hopes of recovery, returns, perseverance, and the glorious continuation of metal! It has been another hell of a year to say the very least, but it’s now on the other side of it that we can confidently turn around and observe what a stellar year it has been for metal yet again with every sort of flavor from all over the vast spectrum offering loads upon loads of absolute gold for every preference no matter how picky of a person we find ourselves dealing with. From the largest acts that have been around for decades from bold newcomers rising from the very floor of the underground, the excellence refuses to end with even the final days of the year holding material that cannot and should not go overlooked.

Thus, it is now time for us to continue the Metal Addicts tradition of calling upon all of you to help us discover the answer that many of us are looking to express in one way or another to really show the deserving album just how fantastic they are. With that being said, the bands are, as always, drawn from the choices of the very limited staff of Metal Addicts but make no mistake for it shall be an extensive list of all that we’ve heard and feel deserve to be mentioned at the very least. We back these albums up 100% and we know damn well there is more than enough to catch the eye of all of you no matter what you’re preferences may be! It’s been another fantastic year of metal and we’re more than ecstatic to have shared it with you all yet again, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 releases have in store!

Please, enough of my rambling! Go down and vote for the Metal Addict’s Top Albums of 2021 and let your voice be heard for the band that you feel deserves to be in the company of the year’s champions! To the new year! To even more f*cking metal!