Vote for the Metal-Addicts Album of the Year!


Hello everyone! It’s that awesome time of year again where we all stop what we’re doing and reflect on what an awesome year it’s been for metal. Now most websites I know will be putting out their Top 25’s, 50’s, and/or 100’s any day now, but last year we here at Metal-Addicts decided to do things a bit differently as we listed our favorite albums from that year and had you vote on what ones were the best. And this year we’re doing it again! Below you can see a list of albums that we loved and think deserve a shot but as I said we’re leaving the hard part up to you! So go below and vote for your favorite and soon we will announce the top voted for albums, and you can vote once every hour so be sure to come back and vote again! Thanks for thinking to vote and here’s to another year of awesome head banging in 2016!

And yes – I know, there will be awesome we missed and I truly wish we could’ve heard everything but that’s simply impossible. I truly apologize that fact that we may have missed your favorite album (ex. Fear Factory, Soilwork, Myrkur), but there’s not much we can do about it.

Poll closed! Check results here!