Vote For The Metal Addicts’ Albums Of 2018!

Album of the year 2018

Every year it’s the same deal and we’ve all started seeing the lists start to spring up with different magazines and editors proclaiming their favorite albums of the year. Here, we’re known to be no different. Yet, we would much rather hear what your favorites are! As the throngs of Metal Addicts, it’s up to you to vote for your favorite album listed out of the ones below to be named one of the Metal Addicts Top Albums of 2018! 

Much like our past years and great votes, we have a hell of a variety with just a little bit for everybody! From the illustrious YOB to the young and fierce 1914, we’ve covered a fair amount of ground in both the bigger stages and the underground as what’s the point in only focusing on the big bands? Naturally, we’re not going to have every album listed and we respect that! There are simply too many albums of possibly grandeur coming out, and we simply can’t hear everything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t yell at us to do so! A helpful suggestion is all it can take to blow our minds to something new, so don’t be afraid to speak up and represent!

It’s been yet another truly magnificent year for metal, and we can’t wait to see your voices heard through votes!NOTE: YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EVERY HOUR. POLL CLOSES DECEMBER 28.