Vote For The Metal Addicts’ Top Albums of 2019

Best Metal Albums Of 2019

It really does seem like for the latter half of this decade, each year has been better than the last when it comes to stupendous works of metal that are always staggering in their quality, and 2019 proved to be no different as it stands as possibly the best year for metal in the past decade as it draws to a close. But, unlike many other outlets are doing now, we’re not here to reflect on the decade as a whole, but, like we do every year, we’re here to vote on what we feel are the best albums of 2019! And, also like every year, it’s entirely up to you as a fantastic reader to vote for the Metal Addicts Top Albums of 2019.

Naturally, not all of the albums that any of your might feel should be on this list won’t be simply because we can only hear so much. Trust me, if we could hear literally everything we absolutely would because we know damn well there’s greatness around just about every corner of metal, but that’s just not possible. That being said, we stand firmly behind this selection of great albums that we feel deserve loads of recognition whether they be from the underground or the very top of the food chain and do hope you can give each one a chance.

But, enough of my blathering, please go below and vote for your favorite works out of the ones arrayed here for you to choose from!