Vulcano – Live III From Headbangers to Headbangers

I have the honor to present you the effort of a band which is a true staple of extreme metal: Vulcano! A classic act is always a classic act. There is no way of denying it. “Live III – From Headbangers to Headbangers” is an alive compilation of Vulcano’s eternal classics and it was recorded in Americana, the same city they recorded their first album, “Alive!,” in 1985. A true first wave of black metal blast into your ears. Eforts like this 23 tracked one give us the chance to see how a band has evolved throughout the years. Or haven’t changed so much as Vulcano. If I were one of those guardians of the good taste critics, I would be tearing my hair apart. “How come a band hasn’t changed for more than 30 years!” they would blast.

“Live III – From Headbangers to Headbangers,” as I told above, is a compilation of a career that has lasted more than years. Improbable for an extreme metal back than. But Vulcano did. Also, “Live III – From Headbangers to Headbangers” shows to today’s kids how raw, and exciting early black metal bands were. The real deal, I must tell. Bottomline, early black metal was a hardcore oriented music with guitar solos and non religious, satanic, or antichristian lyrics and aesthetic. Blame Venom for all that. Or not, if you agree with the ones who don’t agree Venom were the first black metal band ever.

“Live III – From Headbangers to Headbangers” sound quality is surprising good considering how extreme metal bands still suffer with poor infrastructure in most places. All instruments can be perfectly heard, though in some solos, the lead guitar sounds a bit out of tune. Forgive me for that, but it reminds a lot Jimmy Page’s…

Vulcano “Live III – From Headbangers to Headbangers” was released on March 03rd via Heavy Metal Rock Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Man, the Key, the Beast
  2. Church at a Crossroad
  3. Witches Sabbath
  4. The Signals
  5. The Evil Always Returns
  6. The Gates of Iron
  7. Propaganda and Terror
  8. Thunder Metal
  9. I’m Back Again
  10. Awash In Blood
  11. The Tenth Writing
  12. Welcome ti the Army
  13. Red Death
  14. Total Destruição
  15. Guerreiros de Satã
  16. Legiões Satânicas
  17. Dominions of Death
  18. Spirits of Evil
  19. Ready to Explode
  20. Holocaust
  21. Incubus
  22. Death Metal
  23. Bloody Vengeance

Watch “Red Death” official video here:

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