WACKEN OPEN AIR To Have Its Own Beer Pipeline This Year!

According to TheLocal.de, one of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world, Wacken Open Air, will have its own been pipeline for this year’s festival!

In anticipation of all the beer to be drunk, the fest is building its first ever beer pipeline to transport the average 400,000 litres (105,000 gallons or 13,500,000 ounces) of brew consumed each year to the concert grounds. And the pipeline system will be speedy enough for bartenders to draw six beers per second.

“With this, the grounds will not to have need to have any heavy trucks distributing beer barrels,” says festival founder Holger Hübner on Tuesday.

You can read the full statement from Wacken Open Air‘s official site below, with the official promo video as well.

“We continue to work on the infield! After the announcement of the new stage names and the additional speakers and the enormous building operations from last autumn, we now continued with more groundwork.

“Starting from two hubs, we installed huge empty conduits below the ground. We lay fiber optic cables and power supply lines through these pipes, to reach several points in front of the stages. And we also install a beer pipeline!

“You read it right, the beer stalls in front of the main stages will be provided with fresh beer from our new underground beer pipeline. Both fresh and waste water will run through these pipes too. Of course we will control the hygiene of the tubes all the time.

“Until this year, we always had to move dozens of barrels through the infield. We had to bring in full barrels before and during the shows and afterwards we had to remove the empty ones. This caused a lot of avoidable traffic. The new pipeline helps us to protect the floor! And we also get rid of bottlenecks at the bar, you will not have to wait for the new barrel to be on tap anymore.

The installation of the pipes and the enlarged drainage is a lasting investment in the infrastructure of Wacken. We pave the way for many more years of Heavy Metal at Wacken Open Air!”