Wanderer – Awakening Force

Have I already said here that I love Speed metal in such a way that when I think of a Metal song it immediatly takes me to a Speed Metal tune? Another thing that keeps hammering on me is that when I listen to a Speed Metal band it reminds beardless teenage boys full of acne younger than my jackets. Don’t ask me why but I kept in mind that Speed metal is something done only by youngsters. Just a small misunderstanding. Maybe it’s because I remember to have met Speed Metal when I was a teen just like this and used to hear bands as Viper that were just like this – take a look at this band, my child of the night. They deserve it. Look for “Soldiers of Sunrise” and “Theater of Fate” both when vocalist Andre Matos was there. Needless to say that Wanderer don’t fit in this description, okay?

Here we have Wanderer with “Awakening Force” which rings a bell. Ah, I remember now. I posted a note about their signing with Rafchild Records a few months ago. I remember that I liked very much the single they offered. As usual in this kind of music, for me the highlight of “Awakening Force” is the melodic and sharp interventions of the guitars. They are precise and full of emotion following most of the times the melodies of the songs. I just love that. As well as the sounding of the pounding drums takes me straight ahead as in a thunderstorm. Each Speed Metal band should have a powerhouse such as Luis Ferreira as Wanderer have. The man keeps the faith performing with great strength and might. A lot like Exciter’s Dan Beehler and his neverending pounding metal. For sure, Wanderer don’t sound like Exciter, but they have exactly the same will to power.

Needless to say that I kind of time travelled listening to “Awakening Force” and its nine punches right in the face. It’s really difficult to pick only one song from them all. They are all very good and kind of monolithic. But I guess “Freedom’s Call” takes the place pretty well due to the harmonic and melodic guitar interventions and the strong taste of the aforementioned Viper.

“Awakening Force” is great reminder to the ones that love Speed Metal as I do.

Wanderer “Awakening Force” will be released on July 10th via Rafchild Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Awakening
  2. Oblivion
  3. Spellbound
  4. Force of Ancient Steel
  5. Freedom’s Call
  6. Dark Age
  7. Drifter
  8. Winds of Death
  9. Way of the Blade

Watch “Force of Ancient Steel” official video here: