Wanna Gallop Like IRON MAIDEN’S STEVE HARRIS? Here’s A Video To Help You Out

Have you watched Tom Hanks’ movie “That Thing You Do” that one where the bass player’s character name is “Bass Player”? 

This soberb instrument is consired by many the ugly duckling in a Metal band. Let’s face it, not only in a Metal band, in bands in general except for jazz and funk. I watched a video just the other day – to be transcribed, I promise – with Angra’s bassist Felipe Andreolli and former Angra’s bassist Luis Mariutti where they discuss the role of the bass in a band. In one moment, Felipe Andreolli was talking about he was trying to take “Carry on” by ear and commented that even in Angra’s songs the bass was really hard to hear. He meant that the production in general leaves the bass sounds under all other instruments. You see? We’re talking about bassists that are revered all around.

Okay, let’s go to what is really important. In this video, Didier Gérôme teaches in a very easy and smooth way how to gallop like Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, to many one of the most important bassists in Metal.

Monsieur Gérôme does a great job here. He gives a very smooth and easy approach to the musical theory and to the technical approach embedded in Harris’s galloping which are necessary to learn how to increase the playing and mastery of the instrument. Pay attention to the numbers and to what he does with his fingers – note the plastic thing he puts on. Those are very important tips on musical theory.

Right, no more talking, let the man do his job: