War Orphan – Unite Review

It’s been a while since we don’t receive a Hardcore band here. By the way, I’ve been noticing some changes among Hardcore bands. Besides adding more Metal traits in their music, the production got much better. There are no more those buzzing guitars, splashing drums and inaudible basses which turn the band also inaudible. Ok, there is some philosophy in this. Hardcore is by philosophy to be poor produced. Hardcore bands were so much for the way of life than for the music. Well, I guess they used to be. By what I’m listening here with War Orphan and “Unite” I guess those days are long gone. Politic messages are still here which I guess is the best. Bands with an agenda are really something else. There are things that need to be said. The usual anger is also here. Good. Anger is good. Strong choruses are also here. The kind the fan singalong and never forgets.

War Orphan made the other way around. In the past it was Metal bands that used to incorporate Hardcore elements to their music. So, Thrash Metal saw the light of day. Now it’s the opposite. Hardcore bands that incorporate Metal traits to their music. A guitar solo here, a pounding drumming there. The way I see it this interchange only enriches music. “Cuffs,” for instance, has some not usual guitars using the kind of repetition of the chords that are Black Metal standards nowadays. Following track “Scabs” is full of angst and anger I use to love. Extreme music is obliged to be angry. Leave the sugar for pop, if you know what I mean. The track has the exact dose of violence that makes us extreme music lovers drool. The same happens to “Get Smart” whose frentic cadence will be a hit on live shows. I can already see the pogo all around.

Hardcore for lovers. Or for fans that allow themselves to listen something else than Metal. Well, to some extent, Hardcore is pretty near Metal music though all the past quarrels.

War Orphan “Unite” will be released on February 17th via Stay Gold Records.

Track Listing:

  1. YDI (You Do It)
  2. War Dance
  3. Cuffs
  4. Scabs
  5. Get Smart
  6. Perpetual Motion
  7. Heavy Weights the Crown
  8. Screaming for Change
  9. Dead Legs
  10. Guard Rails

Watch “Perpetual Motion” official music video here: