Wardehns – Now Cometh the Foul

Here’s a band that really knows how to dose equally emotion and punch. First track is an instrumental that kicks off with nice bass and acoustic guitar passage leading to a stronger guitar riffing searching for some dissonances to enlighten the song with some pounding drumming giving the right dose of strength. That’s “Crustacean,” an odd name to a nice song. That’s Wardehns with “Now Cometh the Foul.” Following track kicks off with the same pounding drumming and strong guitar riffs interweaven with a fingered riffing. When you are almost thinking Wardehns are a Prog Metal band comes the harsh vocals and a plot twist in the instrumentals leading to a ferocious Thrash Metal track.

And there goes “Now Cometh the Foul” alternating those moments of fury and of beauty. “Tyranian” is a great example of it. Wardehns impress the listener with their natural instrumental passages that seem to change as fast as the drumming. Wardehns also have the ability of writing some catchy riffing and chorus as in “Denim Dogs,” a song that captures the great atmosphere of the music of the 1980’s with some touches of modernity. Vocalist Adam Geurink gives a special touch to the band with his raspy, but believe or not, melodious voice. Go straight ahead to “Leech Head” to see what I’m talking about. Or listen to the guitar lead in “Gills” to check the ability Wardehns have to deal with strong emotion. Another highlight to the drumming in “Shards of the Time Glass,” the fastest and heaviest song in “Now Cometh the Foul” proving Wardehns’s strong ability to deal with changes in tempo and cadence and Adam Geurink’s ability of being harsh and melodious at the same time.

“Now Cometh the Foul” is a great album. It’s worth every penny. Remarkable songs with the right dose of punch and emotion. Hard thing to see.

Wardehns “Now Cometh the Foul” will be self-released on March 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. Crustacean
  2. Tyranian
  3. Denim Dogs
  4. Gills
  5. Shards of the Time Glass
  6. Leech Head
  7. Fangs
  8. Stench of the Gnorthe

Watch “Leech Head” official video here: