WARDENCLYFFE Is Back With A Vengeance!


WARDENCLYFFE are now finalizing their second album Temple of Solomon in Studio Hufvudstaden with Kristian Karlsson, known from band like CULT OF LUNA and PG LOST, as producer.

The composer Koen van Baal, a master creator of cinematic soundscapes who has worked with bands like SCORPIONS, will also create an EP based on some tracks from the Temple of Solomon album.

The Swedish Doom band, with experienced members from bands like CAPTOR, MISERICORDIA, TERRORAMA, GRIFTEGÅRD, DAUTHA and GODHEAD MACHINERY, released the highly acclaimed album Control All Delete in 2015 and the single The Omega Point later the same year.

The first single track “Georgia Guidestones/Evilution” from the coming album was originally released as a soundtrack CD to the singer and scholar Dr. Jacob Nordangård’s best-selling book Den Globala Statskuppen (The Global Coup D’état), published 21 December 2020.

The band concept is interwoven with Jacob Nordangård’s writing and research and has musically taken inspiration from the early decades of hard rock and metal but with a modern finish.

The upcoming Temple of Solomon album aims to take the listener on an adventure that warns of the horrors of a technocratic megalomaniac regime but also predicts that their sinister plan ultimately will fail.

Nordangård has a PhD in Science and Technology Studies, is an experienced lecturer and has
published five revealing books about global politics and power play.

The latest book describes the ongoing effort by global elites to digitize the world and ultimately cybernetically alter the human being in order to ”save the world.”

The book will be available in English in the spring of 2021 and the album Temple of Solomon in mid 2021.