WARFIELD: ‘Barrage Fire’ Video Premiere

Warfield-Barrage Fire

Since August 28 the Rhineland-Palatinate youngsters WARFIELD shooting their new video for the violent ear-bender “Barrage Fire” into the action, which can be seen below.

With “Barrage Fire” you may actually experience one of the most promising new THRASH METAL offspring-troops of the entire spectrum.

WARFIELD are not only easily able to make far-reaching talked about with means of bubbly exuberant joy for playing and enthusiasm.

Immediately one is struck with this is that the super-tight dynamics in the sharp peppery spanking-sound of the five delicious wild lightning-jockeys often reminiscent of incisive lashing songs by SUICIDAL ANGELS.

As other influences one can detect also melodic feats of early Californian Bay Area heroes as well as classics from various precursor prominences from the Ruhr Area.
And exactly this musical attitude gets the explosive thrashed ignition-mix of the crass boiling combo a hellishly hot cocktail.

But the all around fit trained quintet within all the unruly power sprays also a high originality.
On offer is namely autonomy which is often painful missed at so many of similar bands from the profession out of sheer extreme brutality.

After all, the stylistically precisely and jagged targeting gunners of the Rhineland-Palatinate barrage command let their gun barrel glow with f**king tight riff attacks.
The lively blokes show up already just an astonishingly deep pronounced playing culture.
The murderous hungry five-piece around shouter Johannes Clemens must therefore not excel as an “Important Innovation”.
But WARFIELD do the ammunition of their rhythmically large caliber magazine much rather with fervent passion! In this way the teutonic influenced Thrash gunfires can most unerringly shot in the ear tunnels.

In autumn 2014, the speedy shredding rascals snotted out their snappy-brute EP with the programmatic title “Call To War”.

Here you can enjoy in “Barrage Fire” music video: