WARRANT’S STEVE SWEET Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Steven Sweet, the drummer for Warrant, has recently been diagnosed with moderately aggressive Prostate Cancer. There is a campaign ongoing to help raise funds to help pay for his treatment. Here’s the text on GoFundMe page:

He has an amazing emotional support group in place to help him beat this Cancer in his wife Beth, two beautiful children, his bandmates, family, friends and fans.
His positive attitude is a great start, but ahead he faces many medical hurdles and many months of post procedural time, not being able to perform live and support his family.
We are reaching out to the drumming and music community to help Steven generate some funds to help him with the high costs of medical care, travel to treatment on the East coast and costs not covered by insurance. Treatments start this week so there is definite urgency to this.
I’m asking all of you to help by contributing any amount, so Steven can hopefully put this behind him.