WARTHRONE Release New Song ‘The Eyes Of Kings’


WARTHRONE, the vicious black/death metal duo spawned in 2004 by members Erik Sayenga (former Dying Fetus drummer, Witch-hunt drummer/guitarist), and Kristel Dawn (former Witch-hunt keyboardist, Dark Purity bass) are set to release the new full length Crown Of The Apocalypse on Ghoststorm Records July 4 2019 digitally and on Compact Disc (vinyl to be released soon).

This 9 song album clocks in at 40 minutes and was mixed and mastered at Salamone’s Studios in Fredericksburg, Va, and features guest vocals by Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth, Hecate Enthroned, Therion, etc.), Nader Sadek, Kim Dylla (GWAR) and guitar leads are done by the incredible talent Jim Ross (Cystic Dysentary, Doomzilla).

Cover art is completed by Triple Seis Design.

Listen now to “The Eyes Of Kings” featuring Kim Dylla on backing vocals via Bandcamp widget below.

Crown Of The Apocalypse track listing:

1. The Eyes Of Kings (feat. guest vocals by Kim Dylla)
2. Crown of the Apocalypse (feat. guest vocals by Nader Sadek and Kim Dylla)
3. The Beast That Ascendeth
4. Seven Eyes Seven Horns (feat. guest vocals by Nader Sadek)
5. The Blood Of The Prophets
6. Upon The Golden Altar
7. Apollyn
8. As Pillars Of Fire
9. Unto The Face Of Serpents(feat. Guest vocals by Sarah Jezebel Deva).

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