Watch 160 Classical Musicians Perform IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Fear Of The Dark’ In Classical Style

160 musicians all over the world have united to perform IRON MAIDEN song “Fear Of The Dark” in a classical music style! Make sure to check out this epic video below!

The idea comes from Ulf Wadenbrandt, conductor of the Sweden Symphony Orchestra (Sweden) and Principal Guest Conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra  (Russia).

Ulf Wadenbrandt normally travels to towns and cities in many different countries to conduct musicians in a wide range of concerts. However, the global pandemic situation has put a halt to touring the world for uncertain period of time – something that affects others too.

Ulf states: Many of my musical colleagues around the world are currently unable to play together and cannot perform for the public. So I reached out to many wonderful orchestral musicians, to see if we could play something together.”

Ulf Wadenbrandt has been virtually working around the clock recently (not least due to the many different time zones involved) to instruct and inspire musicians for the recording. More than 160 musicians from all over the world are taking part in recording a video together.

Ulf continues: “I want to highlight how important music and culture are in these difficult times. Music makes you feel good and helps to develop people. We need to show the world that we are needed and must get to play. I have gathered everyone from absolutely world class musicians and excellent music teachers to talented amateurs and students from music and cultural schools from all over the world. I want to show the value of diversity and emphasise how everyone is important in the ecosystem of music.”

Musicians from as far afield as the Dortmund Philharmonic to Brazil, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, China and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in New Zealand are playing together, as well as from many other orchestras across the globe!

An instrumental version of IRON MAIDEN‘s “Fear of the Dark” has been arranged for Symphony Orchestra.

This song has everything from nice melodic lines with lots of energy and a thumping tempo. It’s a magical arrangement that releases the orchestra’s energy and fantastic sound. Iron Maiden have quite simply written a great song that works perfectly for symphony orchestras and their wonderful timbre.” – explains Ulf.