Watch 68-Year-Old Woman Performs AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ On Britain’s Got Talent

Cotswolds-based pensioner Jenny Darren has shocked the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with AC/DC‘s “Highway To Hell” cover.

Not only did the 68-year-old singer shock the judges and audience in her audition when she whipped off her dowdy clothes to sing “Highway To Hell” in a rock chick outfit, but it turns out that the Cotswold-based star once toured with actual AC/DC – and narrowly missed out on becoming a massive star and making millions in the 1970s.

“It was brilliant,” Darren tells Radio Times. “I was with AC/DC in the afternoon for the sound check and I just looked at my band and I said ‘we have to change the style of the music, guys, to fit in with this band. So at the end of it we were sounding a bit more like AC/DC. I loved them. And that’s why actually fundamentally I became a rock singer – having to fit in to their style. That’s how it happened.”