Watch Former ICED EARTH Vocalist MATT BARLOW Performs Acoustic Version Of ‘I Died For You’

Iced Earth I Died For You

Former ICED EARTH singer Matt Barlow posted a video on Facebook where he performs acoustic version of “I Died For You.” The song appeared on ICED EARTH‘s fourth album, 1996’s The Dark Saga.

Barlow posted the following message along the video: “Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to see if I could raise some spirits and join my fellow musicians in solidarity, by performing a fan-favorite ICED EARTH tune in a lonesome cowboy style. I’m obviously not Jon Schaffer on guitar, but I hope you can still find joy my performance.

“Please keep all of my friends and family (musicians, sound techs, guitar techs, drum techs, road crews, tour managers, etc.) in your hearts and minds, as they will likely be hit very hard by all of the shutdowns. Helping where you can, will be greatly appreciated!”

Matt Barlow left ICED EARTH in 2011, citing his commitment to his family and the need for band to tour more as his reasons for retirement. On August 6, Barlow performed his farewell show with ICED EARTH at the Wacken Open Air festival.