Watch HEAVY METAL HITCHHIKER Latest Episode ‘Itty Bit ‘O Biz’

Heavy Metal Hitchhiker

Banger Films previously announced Heavy Metal Hitchhiker, an eight-episode original comedy web series produced by its digital division BangerTV. Now they released the fifth episode of the series, entitled “Itty Bit ‘O Biz“, and you can check out the video below!

The series is directed and co-written by Marc Ricciardelli (“Shredders Of Metal“, “Protest The Hero: Of Our Own Volition“) and stars comedian Garrett Jamieson and is sound-tracked by music from POWER TRIPCARCASSMUNICIPAL WASTEEARTHLESS and POSSESSED, as well as a slew of Canadian artists such as EXCITERKEN MODEPROTEST THE HEROCANCER BATS,   MOUNT CYANIDESARIN and SMOULDER.

A synopsis of the show is as follows:

This action-packed comedy series follows a day in the life of Mitch, a heavy metal-loving gas station attendant, who stumbles upon an abandoned guitar that belongs to his favourite band, RÄGR. In a moment of happenstance, Mitch realizes that he must follow in his father’s roadie-shaped footsteps and return the six-stringed axe to the band in time for their headlining concert. Without money or wheels, Mitch’s only option is to hitchhike. He’s got 10 hours to travel 247 kilometers to fulfill his destiny.

Metalheads are going to be blown away by this series” promises executive producer Sam Dunn, co-founder of Banger Films. “It’s jam packed with laughs and killer tunes from some amazing bands. I’m super proud of this series. It isn’t just for metalheads, I think everyone will enjoy it.