Watch Pro-Shot Video Of GREAT WHITE Performing ‘Rock Me’ With New Singer MITCH MALLOY

Great white new singer

GREAT WHITE has released a performance video of the song “Rock Me”, featuring the band’s latest addition, singer Mitch Malloy. The clip was filmed on August 18 at the Kentucky State Fair at Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

GREAT WHITE guitarist Mark Kendall told KBACK Radio that the band wanted to make “a proper video and record a show with something other than a cellphone to kind of introduce Mitch. And our [booking] agent will use it for this and that, and we’ll just throw it out there free — it’s nothing we’re gonna really put together to sell or anything; we just want people to see it properly and hear how it sounds at the show,” he said. “Because when you hear a cellphone [recording], the guy [filming] might be over by the bass player’s side and it might distort a little bit. So it really isn’t a great representation, although we welcome the cellphones — I don’t care if everybody holds ’em up and records us — but it’s not really a great representation of what happened that night.”

In early July, GREAT WHITE announced that it was parting ways with vocalist Terry Ilous and was replacing him with Malloy.

“[Mitch] is an incredible singer, artist, songwriter and engineer,” Kendall said. “We’re beyond excited to stretch our musical muscles with a fresh, new take on GREAT WHITE‘s catalog of hits.”

Added Malloy: “I have to represent this music honorably. I respect what has come before me, and have to remind fans of where they were when they first heard these songs. I also have to be myself at the same time. When I first heard my own voice with GREAT WHITE‘s music, I knew something special was going on.”

Keyboardist/guitarist Michael Lardie praised Malloy for his musical chops and reputation.

“We had an immediate rapport with Mitch,” Lardie said. “I’m positive the fans will embrace Mitch and continue to support GREAT WHITE. This music is bigger than any one person.”

Ilous, formerly of ’80s L.A. hard rockers XYZ, joined GREAT WHITE in 2010 after stepping in for touring vocalist Jani Lane (WARRANT).

The Ilous-led GREAT WHITE released two albums, 2012’s “Elation” and last year’s “Full Circle”, before Terry was shown the door.

This version of GREAT WHITE is not to be confused with JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE, which features original GREAT WHITE singer Jack Russell alongside Robby Lochner (FIGHT) on guitar, Dan McNay on bass, Tony Montana on guitar and Dicki Fliszar on drums.