Watch SABATON Performs At Hellfest With Guitarist CHRIS RÖRLAND On Vocals (Video)

After MANOWAR decided to leave HELLFEST last night (June 21) just hours before their scheduled show, SABATON were asked to fill in, despite the fact that vocalist Joakim Brodén blew out his voice playing Knotfest Meets Hellfest the night prior. 

Guitarist Chris Rörland handled vocal duties for the MANOWAR make-up performance, while the singer sat on stage eating and drinking with friends.

You can see how they sounded like below.

Organizers said that “Despite a presence on site on June 20, the teams and members of the MANOWAR decided to leave the site.”

Later on, MANOWAR posted on their social media that “organizers obstructed our efforts to put on the epic show we had promised.”