Watch SABATON Performs In Front Of 40,000 People At Serbia’s Exit Festival

Sabaton Exit 2021

Last night (July 9) in SABATON performed in front of 40,000 people in Novi Sad, Serbia at Exit Festival.

This marked “the first major music festival to take place in Europe since the coronavirus pandemic took hold early last year,” Billboard reports.

The group delivered a 19-song set, featuring the live debut of “Defence of Moscow,” as well as the second-ever live performance of “Last Dying Breath,” the band’s song about Major Dragutin Gavrilović and the 1915 defense of Belgrade during World War I. The track was performed live for the first time back in 2017 at SABATON‘s show in Belgrade, Serbia.

Full setlist was as follows:

1. Ghost Division
2. Great War
3. The Attack of the Dead Men (With History Edition Intro)
4. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
5. Defence of Moscow (Radio Tapok cover) (Live debut)
6. The Lost Battalion
7. The Red Baron
8. The Last Stand
9. Far From the Fame
10. Night Witches
11. The Art of War
12. Fields of Verdun
13. The Lion From the North
14. Carolus Rex
15. Last Dying Breath (First time since 2017 and second time played live, Dragutin Gavrilović speech intro)
16. Bismarck
17. Primo Victoria
18. Swedish Pagans
19. To Hell and Back