What does your love of heavy music say about you?

Why do people like metal music so much?

Rock sounds like a rock to the fullest, and millions of people love it. The power of emotional turmoil from the songs of this genre makes people press “repeat” again and again and listen to albums of favorite artists to the holes.

Psychologists explain the phenomenon of rock music because of the emotional power that all heavy music listeners get causes a sense of ecstasy. The same can be felt in the best Indian casinos. In addition, the deep meaning of the songs induces reflection on eternal themes to review, which contributes to the study of psychological problems and increases self-esteem. 

Australian scientists from the University of Queensland have discovered that, contrary to the opinion that rock music is irritating and aggressive, it has the opposite effect:

  • Heavy music is not the cause of aggressive behavior but, on the contrary, helps to calm and organize their thoughts and cope with irritation and fatigue.
  • Researchers equate the process of listening to your favorite music to psychotherapy. Listening to the melody, a person experiences vivid emotions; it activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as if he had eaten chocolate or kissed a loved one. 
Heavy Metal Guitarist

What does your taste in music say about you?

Psychologists at Oxford Brookes University in Britain conducted a study to find out what music intelligent people listen to. It turned out that the most intellectually advanced were fans of jazz, classical, rock, and electronic music.

Neuropsychologist Professor Patel suggested that interest in rock and other musical directions develops mental abilities. He focuses on the fact that the brain’s neural networks that process music and speech in many ways coincide. As a result, music trains them, and a person’s ability to assimilate new information increases. In addition, listening to an expressive melody can significantly increase the activity of emotional centers and stimulate their work. 

People who listen to rock find it much easier to learn foreign languages because they have a specific listening comprehension and can distinguish sounds well, even in noisy and indistinct musical environments. As a rule, rock lovers have an easier time learning foreign pronunciations. 

What is heavy music?

As you know, there are different musical genres. However, heavy metal and its derivatives, for some reason, always cause a lot of questions among ordinary people. So, not devoted to the beauty of the dark heavy guitar riffs, people usually wonder how they can listen to it in general. Moreover, for them, such manifestation of creativity is considered objectionable, and those who listen to such music become almost anarchists. But there are many true devotees of heavy music who are even more relaxed in ordinary life than the rest. Such people can’t live a day without metal. So, why do people listen to heavy music, what do they find in it, and how does it helps in real life?

Heavy music is not necessarily related to some forbidden themes. However, it is dominated by aggressive, brutal, or even depressive moods. It creates a cultural phenomenon with the rich timbral coloration of electric guitars, drums, and synthesizers. On the one hand, heavy music is the domain of ordinary and often downcast people. And on the other hand, a place for intellectuals who use it to contemplate reality through shades of gray, dark, and even black tones.

Linked to heavy music is a particular subculture, which in recent years has completely disappeared from central television. Instead, we hear so-called popular music more often. Yes, it sounds more politically correct. But this doesn’t give it any quality. Thus, many compositions do not make sense, and their musical component is frankly weak. As a result, it causes almost more rejection than classical metal, which at least had some idea.

What led to the neglect of metal in the modern media was that heavy music spoke for itself, often going beyond the bounds of adequacy. However, this was more about the scary plots of video clips and paranoid lyrics rather than any particular stance on life. And as a rule, this is done by musicians who are weak in professional terms and do not have any unique talents. They had nothing more to say than to surprise the average person with their madness. But, anyway, that’s just the heavy musicians’ fate. Well, or their role on stage. On the contrary, its listeners usually become ordinary people who listen to metal by the age of thirty. And in that sense, I wonder what makes heavy music appealing to them.

Why do people listen to heavy music when there are other genres?

Heavy music lets the negative emotions flow out.

When listening to heavy music, people relive their aggression by releasing their emotions emotionally. For many, this is a natural manifestation of the splash out of their negativity. Thus, it is proved that the passion for heavy music allows such people not to break down on others. On the contrary, often, the person becomes the embodiment of calm and relaxation. And the heavier the genre of music, the easier it is to keep himself in line. However, in addition to the metal genre comes the negative energy, which abounds in such compositions. It seems to permeate every note, beat, and second of the sound.

Many people are in the habit of listening to heavy music

For many, listening to heavy music is a habit from their youth and is associated with memories. Of course, people who like to listen to metal can listen to the composition of any other genre. However, this music touches the hidden strings of consciousness, each time immersed in memories of a serene youth.

Heavy music carries a frenzied energy

Heavy music carries crazy energy that is incomparable to anything else. Such a charge of power is always welcome. Especially if the composition is worthwhile. The basis of heavy music is always a complex rhythm and fast tempos. Together with the rich timbre, it creates crazy energy. Therefore, it’s no wonder why a person listens to metal. At the very least, he finds power in it.

Heavy music brings a sense of belonging to courage and great ideas

It is an essential aspect that explains why people listen to heavy music. After all, there are rarely any outstanding events in the average person’s life. And here, turning on your favorite song, you can always feel something more. So, this music often has an epic character, embodying the fortitude of the spirit. Characteristically, this feature is sometimes somewhat exaggerated in it. However, this does not prevent metal lovers from feeling a constant sense of belonging to something great, even when riding the bus to study at the university.

Metal helps us get through the painful moments of our reality

If you think about why people listen to heavy music, it immediately brings to mind our reality. It turns out that people listen to heavy music also because life around us is not easy. But, strangely enough, it is the depression contained in heavy music that gives vent to the corresponding emotions. That is a person who listens to metal splashes out negative energy and simultaneously experiences what is happening in his life.

Heavy music allows you to escape from the ordinary

Not everyone has something to remember other than a bleak reality. And that’s another explanation for why people listen to heavy music. It has all the shades of vivid life: fortitude, courage, bravery, fear, doom, happiness, love, death, life, black, and white. In general, we appreciate everything for which we understand art—listening to heavy music as if one plunges into another world in which the philosophical assessment of what is happening is accurate.


You just like it.

Everyone is different. So, in any case, do not be surprised that someone listens to heavy music just because he likes it. Music tastes like style in clothes—some people like classical music and some like all black, jeans and a leather jacket.