What is it That Makes the Song ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead a Classic?

Lemmy Kilmister

There are some songs out there that you hear for the first time, and they just hit you in a way that you were never expecting. Pink Floyds Great Gig in the Sky, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and of course, Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Released back in 1980, the song to this day carries with it an uproar of approval at every bar, concert, and public place that it’s played as people everywhere start to bang their heads and scream along to the lyrics. Because of the legacy that this track has managed to uphold, it is worth exploring in a bit more detail exactly what it is about the track Ace of Spades that makes it such a classic.

The Theme

Writing songs about gambling makes a lot of sense in that, a lot of the time, one of the main things that music does is convey emotion. Whether you are in an actual casino in Monte Carlo or playing a real online casino Australia sites have to offer. There is no denying that playing the likes of blackjack, poker and roulette is very emotional. One minute you will be riding high on the best streak you’ve had in a long time, and then the next, you may well find yourself losing it all. Of course, these ups and downs are what draw people to the game. The anticipation built within it is exhilarating.

Motorhead manages to capture that exhilaration within Ace of Spades. The song is upbeat in tempo and chaotic, like the ups and downs of a casino, but then the lyrics and slow and clear, reflecting how even amongst such chaos, we are aware of the things we do. Capturing the feeling of gambling so well in music is one of the reasons this song is so loved.

The Bassline

Have you ever heard that iconic bassline and not immediately recognized the song it was coming from? The simplicity of the fact it is only made up of a few notes, but the speed and aggressiveness with which is played provide the perfect backdrop for this song. It gives you the best music to dance to and mosh to, which is something that every metalhead out there knows is incredibly important.

Lemmy’s Vocals

If you were going to sit down and have a discussion about who the best singers in the world are, chances are Lemmy would not be up for discussion. His vocals might not conventionally be what we assign to good vocals in music; however, there is no point in arguing that they aren’t iconic. Lemmy has a tinny and rattly sound to his voice which separates him from everybody else who has ever taken to the mic. These, paired with his look and the way he holds his head up to sing, make for the perfect frontman, and this all comes together to add to the legendary track that is Ace of Spades.