What Lies Beyond – Coup de Grâce

To be a heavy metaller is to prepared to have been a heavy rocker, a headbanger, a heavy, among others. It’s to be ready for chance and embrace the reality that things change, to allow the movement of life. It’s to know that you’re not allowed to be conservative. It’s not to accept that people keep on telling you what to do, not to accept impostures of no one. To have in mind that the old may be good, and the new is not always good. It’s to embrace change and maintain the faith in the tradition, because tradition reminds us who we are. It’s to keep the essence alive and live by it. What is Heavy Metal essence? All the above.

Many may not agree with me, but I was able to recognize all this in What Lies Beyond “Coup de Grâce” which happens to be a Modern Metal band as Avenged Sevenfold and others. BTW, I love Avenged Sevenfold. What Lies Beyond were able enough to cope with tradition and the new verves of Metal music in an album full of energy. All “Coup de Grâce” eleven tracks have high doses of adrenaline and restlessness, which in my opinion, is much more important than adrenaline. Restlessness represents Metal essence. Musicwise, “Coup de Grâce” mixes Extreme Metal features with a new version of NWOBM twin guitars. There are echoes of many Metal features in it, what is a feature of modern bands. No wonder as Metal has always done it. Bands have always merged their influences into their own. What Lies Beyond are a band ready to fight the years to come and win.

Yeah, I know that “Coup de Grâce” what offers us isn’t exactly new. But reinvigorating to listen to them. It gives hope to see a band of young fellows that could be marching away from Metal and embracing all the pop crap and vapid today’s music. But no, they chose to pick their guitars and make some real damn good Metal noise. A big hail to that! I guess sometimes we metalheads are too critic, too demanding. Metal made us spoiled children treating us with so great music for so much time. I won’t dare to pick a song from “Coup de Grâce.” It’s not fair. I liked them all.

What Lies Beyond “Coup De Grâce” was released on February 2nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Turning Tides
  2. Drink the Night away
  3. Behind the Closed Doors
  4. Edge of Sanity
  5. Guilty Crown
  6. Nothing Left to Prove
  7. Marylin Rose pt1
  8. Marylin Rose pt2
  9. Confessions
  10. Neverending Stories
  11. Bitter Truth

Watch “Guilty Crown” official video here.