Where to Get A College Degree in Heavy Metal

While growing up, especially during teenage years, you might have tried creating a rock band with friends at the garage. But dispersed as soon as each one completed high school and became engrossed in other hobbies. You might have wanted it to last but realized you did not have much knowledge of where to start.

If you are trying to turn metal music into a career venture, you need the right place to get a college degree. Here are some places to achieve a degree to kick-start your journey.

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New College, Nottingham, England

New College Nottingham offers a quality degree in studying heavy metal. Its location gives you adverse advantages of experiencing a serene environment. This helps you to blast out metal expressing your love for this art of music.

The university offers a chance for you to major on a point of liking related to the study of heavy metal. You can choose to study heavy metal as art. Here, it offers you unmatched knowledge on the composition of metal to improve on skills. If you are planning to pursue it as a business venture, then this institution got you covered. 

This institution will enable you to achieve a degree within two years of studying with lots of hard work involved. It includes many classes on songwriting that you will attend and prove your level of experience on stage.

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University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California offers you a chance to meet an accredited degree in heavy metal. You will have a chance to perform on major platforms across the world if you choose to pursue it from this university.

The university will offer you with quality education in the study of heavy metal as a music genre. This is among other pursued genres, such as jazz and techno. You will jot only have an opportunity to work hard for a degree, but you can also venture into higher studies from this institution. The university offers you a chance to go on with your Master’s and Ph.D. degrees too.  

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Miami University

Miami University offers you a degree in studying politics, philosophies, and the effects of society on heavy metal. It also gives you a chance to explore on your own by learning music during self-isolation. 

It offers you space to explore the history of rock and roll enabling you to learn of how this music genre evolved. The institution offers discrete information on this genre of music to enhance your understanding. You will get to study why institutions never offered it as a music course and get involved in serious discussions. 

McGill University, Australia

McGill University allows you to pursue your dreams in studying metal music by holding heavy metal degree programs. Graduating from this institution will be a stepping stone in your career in the business world.

It offers an educational curriculum involving the study of the long history of metal music while siting examples of renowned metal artists. It enables you to expound on knowledge of this music genre artistically by giving you a chance to perform on stage. The education offered here for heavy metal comes in line with Bruckner giving you an advantage over others.

The University of Newcastle, Australia

The University of Newcastle not only offers you a chance to get a bachelor’s degree in heavy metal, but also Ph.D. This boosts your chances to understand metal music as a diehard metal fun and in a legitimate manner.  

This institution distinguishes the different types of metal music based on the parts of the world that plays it. You will get to learn more about the cultural history involved in building metal music over the years. It focuses on how diversity, gender, and race participated in the growth of metal music. It also offers you a chance to discover the adverse effects of colonialism on the evolution of this music genre.


The education of metal music faced opposition in the past but a few institutions offer its degree programs across the world. If you are a metal enthusiast, then look no further in picking a place to study this rare course from the colleges above. Get ready to grind your teeth and blast some metal music as you learn about it in a deep scale. You will be sure to have a fun experience along the way. 

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