White Hills & Der Blutharsch – Desire

Sometimes we all need a chance of hearts. Even more in a day when the rain is pouring down hugely. Some kind of music fits perfectly with the weather. So does this psycheledic piece of White Hills & Der Blutharsch. As I do sometimes, I dig on reviews about the bands. MOst of the reviews I read, my fellow reviwers wrote like they were all old acquaintences. Sorry, I am not an old acquaintence. Never heard about them. Some may say: Oh, boy! How come you don’t know them! No, sorry. Really don’t. But, well, it fits perfectly the music they play. It cannot get as odd. Giving a closer look to the press release, I found out that “Desire” is a joint venture of two bands; White Hills and Der Blutharsch. Just lost the joke with the name…

Back then, in the mid 1970 to mid 1980s, many headbangers used to listen to psycheledic and art rock bands. Useless to say that both musical moviments are important influences to early metal bands. So, for whom is aware of psychedelic music, White Hills & Der Blutharsch seem a lot like The Doors. Well, on second thought, only the first track “Nom de Guerre” has the same vibe. It must be the fuzzy guitar and the keyboard foot bass. Second track, “Await The Moon,” has a more intimist vibe. I would say more religious, but I really do not know if it fits better. The vibe is more paganistic, but as paganism is a religion, so it suits okay. Title track, “Desire” and its following “SFG,” have all the post Sargent Peppers’ taste. Pure Beatles psychelism and a etherial sound dash that gives the space rock effect the band tried so hard to give us.

As crazy as it may seems, “Desire” is an effort that will atract a bunch of black metallers that are making a more atmospheric sound. As you know, I have reviewed a few here. It is no wonder to them the music White Hills & Der Blutharsch play. But pay attention, albeit White Hills & Der Blutharsch use lots of eletronic effects, they are not an eletronic band. There are some slight differences.

It was nice to hear White Hills & Der Blutharsch in a rainy and dark day. I invite you to do the same.

Track Listing:

  1. Nom de Guerre
  2. Await The Moon
  3. Desire
  4. SFG
  5. Lover

White Hills & Der Blutharsch “Desire” will blossom on February 23rd via Ván Records.

P.S.: Sorry, there is no video to be shown!