White Raven Down – Conspiracy

An interesting band with a more interesting proposal. That’s White Raven Down with “Conspiracy.” The interest begins with the band’s name, which was taken from an old norse legend “A White Raven and a Bison.” An urban tale, or myth says that rock bands are kind of airheads – there is even a film with this title – who can’t even spell their own names. We all know that’s not the reality, but, you know, they can keep it, we simply don’t care. What I have to say is that’s certainly some fresh air.

Well, to begin with, “Conspiracy” has a great opening track, “Broken Door.” Strong Metal riffed with uptempos and downtempos which bring a complex atmosphere of emotions to the song. On second track things change drastically. From “Take Me” White Raven Down show everything they got. And it’s a 1990 driven sound as they admit. The cool thing about this is that White Raven Down leave behind the boring aspects about the grunge scene to bring out what they had of most exciting. They don’t shoegaze all the time, they don’t write those repetitive riffings that go around song after song. “Silence,” for instance, is full of excitement even using the formula. And a great guitar solo and drumming.

What we take from it is White Raven Down only got the inspiration from grunge scene and built up their own. But, hey, isn’t it what we expect from bands? Yes, it is. Listen to the guitar leading phrase in “Salvation” and tell me you won’t catch yourself singing it along. Here I have to open a parenthesis to the guitar performance. Man, the guy is a powerhouse of cool phrasing. The ones that make you air guitar and sing along. The same in “Take Me” and its leading guitar riff.

White Raven Down are a band that call the shots. And it’s so important to a band because they do what they really like as one can feel listening to their songs. It’s noticiable the guys are having a good time. Again, as I always do, the problem is that “Conspiracy” is an EP with only five tracks. We’re looking forward for some more.

White Raven Down “Conspiracy” was released on June 22nd independently.

Track Listing:

  1. Broken Door
  2. Take Me
  3. Not Alone
  4. Silence
  5. Salvation

Watch “Salvation” official music video here: