Why Do So Many Music Legends Perform At Casinos?

Def Leppard

Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling, with tourists and locals able to play slots and table games like blackjack and roulette. However, the city has also cultivated a strong reputation for its star-studded shows.

In 2012, Motley Crue performed 12 Las Vegas shows, and English rock band Def Leppard announced their own Las Vegas residency in 2019. So, when you visit the Las Vegas strip, you may be able to see your favorite band between hitting each casino.

For casinos, performances from music legends help to get people through the door. Las Vegas gets millions of tourists each year, but with so many land-based casinos appealing for their attention, it can be difficult to stand out. With performances, potential casino game players are given an extra reason to visit a casino. They can enjoy a fun night out, singing world-famous songs at the show before they take to the casino tables.

It’s also a great way for music legends to perform to an audience that may not have visited a show before. Casino visitors who want to get even more entertainment for the evening may attend and become fans of the band, although they may not have listened to their music before.

How Casino Games Are Influenced by Rock Bands

The connection between casinos and bands isn’t just about entertaining casino players with live music. There are also casino games that license the music and the likenesses of the biggest groups in the world. This is mostly seen in the online casino game space. You can 10€ Bonus nach Registrierung, playing slots such as the Guns N Roses and Jimi Hendrix games which feature epic guitar riffs from these musicians and artistic versions of their images. The reels of these slot games also feature symbols based on the rockers’ discographies, providing some brilliant entertainment for their fans.

Licensed music slots are available in some land-based casinos. However, it’s on online casinos where you’ll see the best music slots.

Las Vegas residencies are very popular and many of them have sold out. This means we can expect casinos to keep getting famous performers to do shows at their venue.