Why metal music is a perfect soundtrack for a first date


Are you a single heavy fan, searching for someone to accompany you to loud concerts? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of coming across the same old faces in your local rock venue? Why not try online dating? Most of these sites are free to join. After completing the straightforward registration on a wild dating site, the fun can begin. Create a profile, ensuring you list ‘metal music’ as a key interest. Now initiate chats with fellow headbangers. And once you get more familiar via a dating chat, you can start planning your first date – with an appropriate soundtrack!

This is such a diverse genre

To the uninitiated, heavy metal is a one-track sonic storm of noise, the music delivered at an equivalent volume of a jet taking off, and devoid of melody. But to metal fans, there is no singular description of this type of passionate listening preference. There is punchy hard rock, personified by AC/DC or Thin Lizzy. There’s the deft musicianship of Led Zeppelin or Blue Oyster Cult, and the pounding riffs of Black Sabbath. The grunge of Nirvana is almost punk rock, while bands like Slipknot plough a particularly ear-pulverizing variation of the theme. Metal covers a diverse array of bases, so there’s never going to be a dull moment when you’re enjoying a playlist on date night.

A shared passion builds compatibility

Because you have an overlapping passion for loud guitar music, chatting about this topic, as well as listening to excellent examples of the genre, will give you so much food for thought. You can chat about your favorite groups, the particular songs or albums that float your boat, your most memorable gigs, even the band t-shirts you have stashed away in your wardrobe. The more things you find you have in common, the greater the rapport that will develop. From this point in your first date, you can begin making plans to go on record-purchasing sprees, or attending concerts.

Screeching guitars create the right mood

If there are ever tentative moments during a first date, when nervousness takes over, and the conversation hits a lull, metal music is guaranteed to reinvigorate the mood. Those crashing drums. That thunderous bass. The screeching vocals. But most of all, those face-melting, ear-shredding guitar solos. If you feel you are ever in danger of running out of things to say because your inhibitions have got the better of you, slapping Nirvana onto the turntable will quickly banish any occasional moments of shyness.

Your favourite songs will signpost your relationship

When you’re getting to know someone, discovering you have certain tracks you love is just as wonderful as coming across cuisine you can enjoy together. Particular songs will stay with you, reminding you of your first times together, and if your relationship runs the full course, these cherished memories can be celebrated by becoming your wedding song! Who cares if couples traditionally go for smoochy ballads? If you guys are both metalheads, your first dance could involve a spot of shameless headbanging to Motorhead!

There’s never a dull moment with metal!

Metal is so much more than music. It could almost be described as a lifestyle choice. You won’t have to be overly concerned about what clothes to wear to impress your new partner on your first date. Tatty jeans and a scruffy t-shirt will create just the right atmosphere of relaxed informality, with sexy undercurrents. Frequently added to the metal fashion sense are piercings, tattoos, and a love of strong liquor. This might only be your first date, but it will surely be a portent of the exciting path that lies ahead.