Why This Conservative Wave In Metal Is No Surprise

The world is an ambiguous place. It is a fact of life. In Social Sciences this ambiguity is called dialects, a way of thinking discovered by Greek philosophers a long time ago, and which had its best moments with German philosopher, economist and historian Karl Marx. I guess many will stop reading this article because of the citation of his name, but that’s also life.  Since Anaxagoras from the fifth century BC we know that celestial bodies are not divine; since Aristoteles we know that the Earth is round; since Pasteur we know that vacines save lives, and I could go on. Also, in fact, since ancient times these movements and contradictions happen among humankind. Social scientists have known this for some time and these contradictions are simply part of the history humankind. From a statement, there is always a denial; from this denial there will be another statement, which may be denied again, and things go on. Again dialects.

In the last fifty or sixty years, this sad and lonely and pathetic planet did change a lot from human development point of view. Women, colored people and all kinds of minorities gained voice and rights through 1948’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other instances. Counterculture, or the response to the conservative way of life, with all its beliefs and ways of behaving is in charge now. Well, at least some believe so. Science made great advances and many lethal diseases were almost extinguished in many countries such as poliomyelitis, hydrophobia, measles, etc. On the other hand, poverty is in no way near to be eradicated, enviromental issues such as industrial and all kinds of wastes became a nightmare, the climate does  not seem to cooperate, many living species are endangered, and I could go on. Liberal governaments and institutions failed miserably in finding a solution to all these problems, or even yet, failed miserably in convincing a significant part of the world population to believe that they do exist. A response should be expected.

Now, let’s make an effort of empathy. While a signifcant part of the humankind cherishes and celebrates this outcome wishing to go even further; the other significant part of humankind regrets it wishing there was a way to go back. From the point of view of the conservatives, as counterculture beliefs are dominant in society now, they are the oppressed. Put yourself in their shoes. No more jokes about minorities, no more smoking and drinking at large, having to put up with feminists, having women and other minorities as their bosses, no more hunting or fishing and other millenar activities, no more rude moves, the list goes on. Life these days is a living hell from a conservative point of view.

But what does all this have to do with Metal music?

Metal music has established itself as a denial. Funny to say it was a denial inside a denial, I mean, Metal music rose against some counterculture standards. The peace and love thing. The flower power. Metal was one of the voices that stood to say that all that was nonsense. Metal also grew as a response to a conservative society. One of the most important beliefs in Metal is not to do what they told you. To be against any kind of oppression. If one makes a research about the most used words or expressions in Metal songs oppression, rebellion, revenge, fight for your rights, freedom, and others will pop up for sure. Yeah, right, many will say. Metal is the musical genre that gives voice to the voiceless in all societies. Okay, again. All agreed.

Coming back to Metal fundamentals. One of them, and I guess the most important, is that Metal fights for you to be just the way you are. Metal is also ambiguous for being an outcast from any society, be it liberal or conservative. For instance, the most exciting Metal scenes these days are in countries as Indonesia, Iran, Botswana, Mozambique, or even Cuba. All of them with their unique features fighting the oppression whatever it may be. Metal embraces pariahs because Metal is the pariah itself. Very few musical genres represent life as it is the way Metal does. Metal is the contradiction itself.