Why Top Casino Players Love Metal Music

Would it surprise you to learn that a lot of people who enjoy online casino gambling also enjoy heavy metal music. Well, there does seem to be a connection there. Many people may wonder how this connection came to be. Why is it that metal fans enjoy sitting in front of an online video slot game like www.slotsheaven.com/ca/buffalo-blitz for hours on end? We explore that exact connection in this article.

Heavy Metal Guitarist
Photo credit: Unsplash

It’s About the Games

If you have experience playing online games of chance for real cash, you might have noticed that a lot of games, particularly video slots, are noisy games. If a player chooses to listen, some video slots go so far as to feature metal music as a way to draw more attention. As for the actual games, many of them have bright and loud graphics that make the player feel like they are sitting at a metal concert.

If there is any doubt about the fact that online casino game software developers intentionally target metal fans, look at this shortlist of video slots that feature metal bands:

  • Guns and Roses, featuring Axl Rose
  • Megadeth (the kings of thrash metal)
  • KISS (preeminent glamour rock metal band)
  • Jimi Hendrix (best metal guitarist of all time)
  • Motorhead (a fav among metal fans)

There’s an obvious connection in that the metal lifestyle lends itself to taking risks.

It’s a Lifestyle Thing

From a personality standpoint, metal fans fancy themselves to be tough risk-takers. They are the bikers of the world. These are the kinds of people who don’t mind living life on the edge. They see metal music as a symbol of everything they feel and think right down to the crazy clothes the musicians wear.

A close look at true gamblers will bear out similar traits. Gamblers are certainly risk-takers. For them, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about playing the game. Gamblers also enjoy living as carefree individuals who would prefer to live by no rules at all.

The similarities in lifestyle don’t end there though. Late nights and a hardcore attitude are required to be a part of both lifestyles. Many gamblers focus on playing for hours into the night while metal fans go to concerts and part late into the wee hours.

It’s About the Music

As was mentioned above, a lot of video slots feature audio soundtracks that include metal music. That’s a big draw for people who love to gamble and want a little music playing in the background. By selecting video slots that come with loud and crazy music, it saves gamblers who love metal music from having to turn on their iPods while they gamble.

What metal music fan wouldn’t want to play a game featuring Slayer or Metallica? None is the answer! Games featuring top bands get played way more by fans of those bands than other themed games. Who wouldn’t want to rock out while trying to win some extra cash.

It’s About Destiny

A typical metal fan is a person who believes you follow your destiny no matter where it takes you. They are typically okay with not finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as long as the trip to the end was thrilling.

As was mentioned earlier, gamblers are okay with losing as long as they get plenty of action for their money. They too believe in destiny. If fate believes they deserve that big jackpot, they believe it will come in due time. If fate doesn’t shine their way with the big win, gamblers just keep playing until destiny deals its final blows.