Wicked Stone – Synergy Review

It took me a while to understand the name Wicked Stone. It was just when I saw the album cover that I really got the meaning of the band name. It’s all there! How could I not see? Well, I guess it happens even in the best families. Sorry, sometimes I’m a bit nieve.

Ok, then, “Sinergy” took me some time to figure it out. I mean, to understand what their deal was. 1990’s Heavy Metal? Modern Metal with some touches of 1990’s Heavy Metal? Some kind of weird Prog Metal? Or everything of the aforementioned mixed? Maybe this one latter. It’s necessary to listen to all the album to figure it out completely. I forgot to mention that there is also some mood of grunge and sleezy rock in it. It’s not that all tracks are that different from each other. It’s just that the album have its own nuances. It progresses in a very personal way. Tracks go acquiring that personality as they are rolled away and the fan can have the opportunity to listen to all of them carefully. Only then “Sinergy” makes all the sense. For instance, all the mood that “The Fires Burn” has with the ethereal guitars and the changes of cadence in it. If I had to pick up just one track I’d pick this one. It’s where the fan will find the best guitar work and even some guitar solos. Yeah, they’re a but scarce here in the album.

The sense of melody is high here in “Sinergy” as tracks as “Hunted” shows us. Joe Hawx’s voice is good and keeps the fan attention until the end. There is something of Alice in Chains in the album. Maybe the vocals, maybe the tunes. I’m not really sure. But it’s that feeling that give the album its special personality. “Going Wild” starts with a boogie to go wild in the very best Poison’s Hard Rock way. With a guitar solo as a prize. The track has that frenzy that Hard Rock bands know how to do very well. I forgot to add Hard Rock in the aforementioned description. “Adrenaline” is everything the tittle says. Lots of it with a oow tuned guitar riffing that sonds as if it were from Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears” era. Nice track with a guitar solo as well.

“Sinergy” isn’t an easy album to decypher. I invite my dear fan to do it and have some minutes of pleasure and fun.

Wicked Stone “Sinergy” will be released on June 17th via Hard to Stay Quiet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  2. Not Alone
  3. Reclaim the Crown
  4. Now You’re Gone
  5. The Fires Burn
  6. Hunted
  7. Going Wild
  8. Adrenaline
  9. It’s Not Enough

Watch “Say Goodbye to Yesterday” official video here: