Widow Of KISS’s Longtime Guitar Tech Sues Band Over Negligent Death


The widow of Francis Stueber, KISS‘s longtime guitar tech, has filed a lawsuit against the band for wrongful death. Stueber died from COVID-19 during the band’s “End of the Road” tour in 2021.

Named in the lawsuit are KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, their manager Doc McGhee, tour promoter Live Nation, and the Marriott International hotel chain.

The family alleges that the band’s failure to enforce adequate COVID-19 protocols led to an outbreak among band members and personnel, and ultimately to Stueber‘s death.

The family is seeking unspecified damages, including past and future wage loss, income, support, and medical expenses.

In the aftermath of Stueber‘s demise, KISS vehemently denied claims of insufficient COVID-19 safety measures on their “End Of The Road” tour across the U.S. The iconic rock band, in an official statement, refuted allegations from several crew members who told Rolling Stone magazine that the absence of rigorous COVID protocols during the tour contributed to Stueber‘s untimely death. Stueber, aged 53, tragically succumbed to the virus in his hotel room in Detroit on October 17, just a mere two days post his quarantine.