WIND ROSE Share Lyrics Video For New Track ‘Fellows Of The Hammer’

This Friday, June 10th 2022, dwarven power metal unit WIND ROSE is set to release their highly anticipated new album, Warfront, via Napalm Records! After the success of their 2019 album Wintersaga, WIND ROSE are ready to deliver 10 new mighty anthems fresh from the forge!

Fighting their way through heroic battles with stomping riffs and a victorious hook on the new single Fellows Of The Hammer”, WIND ROSE prove themselves to be one of the finest bands in power metal with well over 30 million streams on Spotify alone and another 30 million on YouTube for their last album Wintersaga! Check out their lyrics video for the new track “Fellows Of The Hammer” below.

WIND ROSE comments on the release of Warfront:
“We are really proud to announce the release of ‘Warfront’; it’s an important milestone for our career and a big game changer in terms of quality of songwriting and music videos.
We want to give you an ultimate fantasy experience, making it to the next level of epicness and bringing you on the battlefield with us.”

The five-piece from Pisa, Italy – which saw a massive breakthrough with their explosively viral reimagination of Minecraft-themed anthem Diggy Diggy Hole” (clocking in at over 30 million views on YouTube to date) – resurge with ten heroic songs to prepare for battle. Monumental opener Of War and Sorrow makes way for gut-punching Army of Stone, immediately getting your blood pumping when the power and folk metal infused hook kicks in – a feat WIND ROSE deftly displays across Warfront! No matter how vast the storm, how frostbitten the winter cold, WIND ROSE’s sense for sensational hooks and catchy riffs, topped by Francesco Cavalieri’s distinct voice, careens them to the forefront of their dark and sinister contemporaries without forfeiting their unique heaviness and grit!

Shortly after WIND ROSE pushes their songwriting to the maximum on the multi-phased I Am the Mountain, they swiftly take a step back to build momentum from the ground up before releasing the listener into Warfront’s grand finale, Tomorrow Has Come – unmatched battle lore, atmosphere and top-notch production all come together for one of the most anticipated power metal albums of the year! WIND ROSE fully deliver unlimited amounts of dwarven adventures, dramatic orchestra arrangements and pure fun on Warfront – replay value guaranteed!

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Warfront Tracklisting:
1. Of War and Sorrow
2. Army of Stone
3. Tales of War
4. Fellows of the Hammer
5. Together We Rise
6. Gates of Ekrund
7. One Last Day
8. The Battle of the Five Armies
9. I Am the Mountain
10 Tomorrow Has Come