WINTERAGE And ‘The Inheritance of Beauty’

Having previously released the critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Harmonic Passage’ and shared the stage with renowned bands such as Angra, Moonspell, Elvenking, Dark Moor, Dragonland and Pathfinder and many others, Winterage are now ready to unleash their full potential and reach a broader audience with their new, ambitious effort.
‘The Inheritance of Beauty’ is a powerful Symphonic metal opus with strong influences coming from Irish folk, classical and medieval music. Alongside the typical rock instruments, the band is known for the presence in the line-up of a violin played in the classical way and the use of a real full orchestra and many choirs during the recording process of all their released albums..
The theme of the album is the fight of beauty against decadence. Botticelli’s Venus, representing authentic art, has turned back to stare at our world: what she sees is decadence, forgetfulness of art’s values and the forsaking of Nature. The inheritance of real beauty is hidden in the essence of human beings and artists can give it new life.

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