WINTER’S EDGE Release ‘Guardians of Our Time Pt.1’

The “Guardians of Our Time Pt.1” is a fictional concept album following from the previous two albums about The Ferryman, “The Ferryman’s Eyes and The Deceivers.”

It’s the first album to feature less guest musicians but more original band members of the band than the previous two albums.

This album focus’s on life and death within universes, gods, goddesses, space and of course the Ferryman seeing the final showdown between two forces at the end of it all.

The guardians of our time has been over three years in the making and the most challenging album so far as a band, not only just with the ideas but the musical direction has evolved along with adding in surprizes for the fans.

You’ll be able to find the album Digitally on BandCamp, Amazon MP3, iTunes, Deezer and Spotifiy and you’ll also be able to find the Physical Digipaks on our official website for worldwide distribution.

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